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If your pet is in need of a checkup or testing, you probably experience the same frustration that many pet owners do – recognizing that their pet is usually not very excited to see a doctor.  There are few things that a sick pet enjoys less than having to get in the car, ride across town, and then be in close proximity to other unfamiliar animals.  When your pet is feeling down, there is nothing like the comfort of home and some quality rest. One way you can help make sure your dog or cat gets the rest he needs but also gets the appropriate medical care is to consider a mobile vet service like Vets To Go.

Vets To Go is located in Calgary, but their service area extends beyond Calgary into the surrounding area and includes the city of Airdrie.  In fact, our veterinarian team includes Airdrie residents, so we provide service to a lot of Airdrie-based pet owners.  Vets To Go is a mobile veterinarian practice which will travel to meet you in your home and examine and treat your pet there as needed. Many of the same tests and treatments which can be conducted in a traditional setting can also be conducted in the home.


• Eliminate the hassle of travel and the time it takes to drive to and from the clinic, which saves you time and frustration – no more traffic and stress of getting to an appointment on time.

• Your pet can stay comfortable and cozy at home instead of waiting with you in a strange environment with unfamiliar animals. This allows your pet to relax and rest while waiting for the vet to arrive.

• The Vets To Go mobile vet practice provides extended operating hours, making it even more convenient for you.  If you struggle to fit your pet’s medical needs in between your other responsibilities (like your work schedule), then you don’t have to worry about that with Vets To Go. If you need someone to come and see your pet on the weekend or after work, Vets To Go can accommodate your schedule.

Vets To Go


Vets To Go mobile vet services are comprehensive. Whether you are in need of preventative care or you need a doctor to diagnose what’s wrong with your dog or cat, Vets To Go has you covered. Vets to Go can administer treatments at home as well.

• Nose to Tail Checkup. This is the full physical exam service offered by Vets To Go. What’s unique about this service is that since it is performed in your home, you can opt to give your household a checkup to. This is especially valuable to newer pet owners who want to make sure that they are providing their pets with the safest and healthiest environment. The checkup service also includes nail trimming and up to one vaccination. There are also other preventative care appointments which you can schedule to check the status of your pet’s weight, teeth and more.

• Vaccinations, insulin shots, ear drops, eye drops, and other medications. Vets To Go will administer these for you in your home, and provide you with refills of medications if you need them.

• Diagnostic testing. If your pet is sick or is displaying unusual behavior or has a new lump or some other health development, Vets To Go can perform blood tests, biopsies, and more.

• Numerous other services are offered by Vets To Go, including health certificates, deworming, nutritional counseling, chronic care, wound stitching, and more.

• Paws To Rest in-home euthanasia services. If your pet is terminal and starting to have more bad days than good, Vets To Go can help you to decide if it’s time to say goodbye, and can provide compassionate end of life care in the home you’ve shared with your beloved friend.


As a mobile vet clinic in Airdrie, Vets To Go requires that you call to set up an appointment 2-3 days in advance. If you’re in need of end-of-life care, you may be able to schedule an earlier appointment. Vets To Go always seeks to accommodate your scheduling needs, and it can actually be easier to get an appointment when you need one with this service than it would be if you traveled with your pet to a clinic.

Most mobile vet appointments last about 40 minutes, and of course, there’s no waiting! Once the veterinarian arrives at your house, your pet receives the vet’s full assistance, and you have plenty of time to address all of your concerns and get answers to your questions.

You can download a welcome kit on the Vets to Go website if you would like to see more details and information about the services.  The mobile clinic accepts payments via cash or credit or debit card, and our veterinarians carry a secure mobile payment terminal with them when they visit your home for your convenience. Vets To Go can also refer to the local 24 hour emergency care clinics in the Calgary area if you are unable to wait for 2-3 days for your pet to receive care.

Vets To Go

If you’d like to experience the mobile vet service, then give Vets To Go a call today!  You can reach our friendly team at 1-888-995-8387, or visit our website for more information or to schedule an online appointment:  www.VetsToGo.com.